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The IT company you want as an essential part of your team

IT Managed Service
IT Support

IT Support

Engage us on an on-going hourly basis

Our Team | As Required


Sometimes you just need that one thing fixed, installed, improved or removed.

Eagle IT Pty Ltd provide services based on an hourly rate to do just that. Have a discussion with our staff to gain an understanding of exactly what you’re trying to achieve. Agree on an end goal and we will get to work for you.

We encourage engagement with us regarding any IT related requirement for your business, or even home office.

Eagle IT have re-seller partnerships with major hardware and software providers in Australia and can beat Recommended Retail price on the majority of all of these items.

IT Consultation

IT Consultation

chats and plans, lets identify your roadmap

Our Team | Your Plan


With extensive experience in IT Consulting, Eagle IT Pty Ltd offer Business IT Consulting to cover any possible IT requirements you may have, such as;

Business Continuity Planning – Our business needs to know how much it costs when we lose an IT Service for x amount of time, and how to mitigate these costs.

Disaster Recovery Planning – Our environment doesn’t yet operate from the cloud, if our site were to burn down tomorrow, how long would it take to restore from backups to new physical hardware. Considering the costs from our business continuity plan, how can we best invest our IT budget into as little downtime as possible.

IT Strategic Road-mapping – Our workforce requires to become more mobile, with our current IT Environment being quite rigid, how do we spend our IT budget over the next three years with flexibility and mobility in mind.

Available Services

Available Services

essentially, all of the things

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